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Alright so Matt lives in Apartments and I go over like 2-4ish times a week and he has been telling me that break in's have been happening in the apartment complex....I was all worried and like "MAKE SURE YOU LOCK THE DOORS AND WINDOWS!" and there were like 3 or 4 break ins throughout the month...

SOOOOO..... :]

Matt and I went to a Christmas eve thing at his church and it was cool (kind of short but really nice) and we were going home....originally we were going to his moms because she got me a gift and I had her gift with me but Mike was next to the apartments so we just got dropped off there instead and he was going to exchange the gifts tomorrow, on Christmas.

Alright, so we are walking into the apartments and I looked at his window and it was open and there was trash and stuff outside of it and the blinds were partially off like someone went in or out in a hurry and I was like OMG!! and pointed at it then we saw the door next and there was trash outside of it and the door was open and I was so shocked!!! Matt told me to wait where I was and he ran inside and I stood there all worried with my mouth open and he called me in about 15ish seconds later and when I walked in I saw Matt on his knees holding a ring and everything was beautiful, there were flowers and lots of candles annnd floating candles in the sink and Matt said "Will you Marry me" and I said.........NNNNAAAAAAUUUUUUHHHHHHHH NAAAAUUUUUHHHHHHHH!! and he put the ring on my finger and I like....died......on the ground.....hahahahaha I decided to lay on the floor hahaha and we hugged and he said you still didn't answer me annnnnd I said YES OF COURSE!!!

Best night of my entire life, I am the happiest person on this earth. ♥

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